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Sustainability is at the heart of our business. From sourcing the best products to managing our vehicles, MJ’s constantly looks at ways to improve our sustainability credentials.

We are committed to recycling a minimum 95% of the material we supply, with the remaining 5% going to re-use or re-purposing initiatives with zero landfill. This includes our primary flooring ranges, cardboard tubes, plastic tube ends and polythene cover, all of which are sent to our UK-based recycling partners.

Our Carpet Recycling Journey

1: Delivery & Installation

Carpets are delivered to site ready for fitting. Offcuts and waste, including cardboard tubes and polythene, are collected and stored ready for pick up at the end of the event.

2: Uplift & Folding

Our pullout team will uplift all of our fitted carpets, turning them so that any post-event contamination, such as screws or other fixings, is left on the venue floor, ready to be swept up. The carpet is folded into stacks, ready for loading.

3: Loading & Transport

The uplifted carpet stacks are loaded onto a wagon ready for transporting off-site. We use the most appropriate size vehicle for the quantity of carpet that needs to be removed. Folding into stacks enables us to load vehicles more efficiently, with more material per vehicle. This increases our capacity whilst reducing the total number of cars required in any given period

4: Processing & Pelletising

The used carpet is delivered to one of our UK based recycling partners where it is shredded, dyed and processed into pellets. These high grade pellets are now ready to be used in manufacturing reducing the need for virgin polypropylene.

5: Manufacturing

The pellets from our post-event carpets can be used in many different injection moulding processes. Examples include paint trays, plant pots, buildings and plumbing materials, many of which are recyclable again at the end of their use…and we haven’t even mentioned the recycling of our vinyl flooring, cardboard tubes, polythene & underlay!

COP 26 - Case Study

In 2021 MJ’s were approached to supply floor coverings at COP 26 in Glasgow. The event required carpet, underlay and vinyl flooring, with organisers looking for heavier products than those typically used at events. These products were logistically more complex and more challenging to recycle. 

MJ’s worked with our network of suppliers to source the most appropriate flooring options for the event, including twist pile carpets and a brand new underlay made from recycled crumb foam, which could then be recycled again post-event. We also initiated a community project with a local carpet company to salvage and reuse as much carpet as possible. This resulted in 15,000m2 of carpet being reused in the community. Together with our recycling partners, we could recycle five products through 4 outlets with zero landfill.

Our efforts at Cop26 resulted in MJ’s receiving two awards for best practice – Take Back Partner of the Year & Collaboration Partner of the Year at the 2022 Carpet Recycling UK Awards. 

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